Citizens Rights Alliance


Do you think government is too big, too unweildy, too corrupt, too inefficient?

Do you ever wonder why you send almost all of your income tax dollar to D.C., just so your reps can argue over getting it back into your state?

When our country was founded, each Senator answered to 25,000 people. Now the average is one Senator per 3,210,000 people.

We need to focus on getting government closer to the people, and more responsible to what the people want.

But we should take a good look at our Business, too.


Do you think corporate America is too big, too unweidly, too corrupt, too inefficient?

Too many corporations are only concerned with what's going to happen three months down the line.

They have become global entities, no longer bound to respect the public, or even the laws of the land.

"Too Big to Fail" is already a failure. The only options are catastophe or reasonable rules to make things smaller.

But we should take a good look at our Government, too.


The guiding principle of our nation should be Civil Rights. Whether the question at hand is funding or protections, too often our lives are guided by principles of control and money.

We believe that Rights are more important — and these are our principles:

  • Individual Rights
  • Cooperative Action
  • Smaller Everything

What We Do

Our site provides tools, commentary, and direction to help focus on rights, and bringing government, businesses, and everything in between closer to the people.

The first step is our Newserator, which helps break the filter bubble effect and hopefully broaden some minds and restore some sanity.

Sometimes, the other side agrees with you. It's probably more often than you think.